Liberty Alliance is a service-disabled-veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB) headquartered in Tampa, Florida. We are committed to driving progress through cutting-edge solutions in five mission areas: technology, training, aviation, mission support, and international support. Liberty Alliance is a versatile and reliable resource for meeting the most complex challenges faced by our discerning clients.

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Liberty Alliance is a hub where the best in defense and technology converge. Here, our collective talent delivers the best in defense and technology to tackle the challenges of the future today. Collaborate with top industry leaders and innovators, engage with groundbreaking technology, and contribute to a mission that shapes a more secure future. Be part of a team that’s on the leading edge of redefining the future of national security. 

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Partner with Liberty Alliance on a mission-driven journey to redefine defense technology, where our leading-edge prototyping and collaboration with startups is shaping the future defense landscape. We are pioneering transformative solutions, uniting diverse expertise to foster security and resilience on a global scale. Our relentless pursuit of innovation and ability to rapidly harness and redevelop top-tier technology ensures we meet our customers’ needs with unmatched, rapid solutions. Reach out to explore how a partnership with Liberty Alliance can lead to groundbreaking achievements that drive progress and excellence.

Liberty Alliance provides a fleet of special mission aircraft that enable a range of advance sensor packages tailored to customer requirements. Our fleet’s large, pressurized cabins allow for multi-mission, high payloads capacity and equipment configurations. 

Liberty Alliance offers a range of specialized services to cater to unique and critical missions. From air support for special operations to aerial firefighting and search and rescue missions, our experienced team ensures mission success with unwavering dedication and expertise.

With a focus on intelligence gathering and situational awareness, we excel in Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) operations. Our advanced platforms and skilled personnel deliver real-time information and analysis, empowering decision-makers with the knowledge needed to respond effectively to dynamic threats.

We offer cutting-edge Advanced Sensor Payload Capabilities, providing our clients with state-of-the-art sensor technologies to enhance mission effectiveness. From high-resolution cameras to advanced radar systems, our platforms enable unmatched performance and accuracy for a variety of operational scenarios.

Our company takes pride in offering Comprehensive Maintenance Services, ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of defense aviation assets. With our skilled technicians and rigorous maintenance protocols, we keep aircraft and systems operating at peak efficiency, minimizing downtime and maximizing readiness.

Through our specialized training programs, we equip pilots and mission sensor operators with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their roles. Our training encompasses a wide range of scenarios and conditions, providing real-world experience and preparing personnel for the challenges they may encounter in the field.

Our cutting-edge UAS platforms offer a wide range of capabilities, including surveillance, reconnaissance, intelligence gathering, and support for various military and civilian missions. Equipped with advanced sensors, long-endurance capabilities, and customizable payloads, our UAS ensure exceptional performance and reliability in any operational environment. 

We specialize in advanced Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Counter-UAS) technologies to protect our clients from unauthorized and potentially harmful drone threats. Our comprehensive Counter-UAS solutions encompass cutting-edge detection, tracking, and mitigation techniques, enabling us to swiftly identify and neutralize rogue UAS. With our proactive approach and expertise in countering emerging drone threats, we safeguard airspace integrity and enhance security for critical infrastructure, military installations, and public events.

Liberty Alliance’s aviation services encompass a wide range of innovative solutions across the full range of government and commercial operations.



Artificial Intelligence for Maritime Maneuvers (AIMM)

Artificial Intelligence for Maritime Maneuvers (AIMM)

Artificial Intelligence for Maritime Maneuvers (AIMM), marked a pivotal advancement in the realm of Special Operations Forces (SOF) Science and Technology Futures, held in Tampa, FL. AIMM emerged as a groundbreaking solution for navigating through contested, complex, and congested maritime environments, leveraging existing SOF maritime capabilities and capacities. This initiative combined artificial intelligence, robotic autonomous systems, and SOF operational concepts to form tactical maritime elements. These elements are designed to operate with relative impunity within enemy Anti-Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) zones, either from undersea sanctuaries or via stealth, to complicate enemy targeting. AIMM enhances the Naval Special Warfare's (NSW) tactical maritime maneuverability with intelligent adaptive systems, creating a human-machine team optimized for superior access in challenging environments. AIMM enhances NSW's operational capabilities by empowering rapid, edge-based decision-making with autonomous robots for navigation in GPS-denied areas, utilizing swarms for reconnaissance, and leveraging virtual reality for planning and readiness, thereby improving mission success rates and tactical advantage through iterative learning and reduced investment.


Automate the Analyst (ATA)

Automate the Analyst (ATA)

Understanding the operational environment is SOF imperative #1. Integrating various specialties to achieve a holistic understanding of the operating environment has always been a hallmark of USSOF. As SOCOM adds ever-more capabilities and shifts emphasis towards complex, indirect operations in outside-declared-theaters-of-active-armed-conflict (ODTAAC) environments, this task is more challenging than ever. In March of 2023 we demonstrated a modular and customizable software solution called Automate the Analyst (AtA). AtA is designed to assist SOF personnel in achieving multi-role fusion in mission planning by automating the work required in the analytical process. SOF teams have limited bandwidth; AtA focuses their efforts on high-ROI activities needed to make sense of the data and make a coherent plan. Utilizing secure queries, our marketplace/open ecosystem approach is an AI/ML powered, autonomous, device-agnostic platform, designed to operate in a hybrid environment to collect, process, store, analyze, and transmit user-defined outputs to and from any other device or location, at any echelon. Powered by independent vendors and deliberately tailored to any user roles and mission set, this scalable system is a web of interconnected and interchangeable modules, consisting of data sources, ingestion, processes, AI-enabled recommendations, and visualization. AtA is an endlessly modular and customizable software system designed to enhance warfighter decisioning at the edge. Any user, any vendor, any data source, it is a scalable system of systems in the cloud and at the edge.


Next Generation Effects (NGE) Tech Sprints

Next Generation Effects (NGE) Tech Sprints – Technical Demonstration, March 2023

The Next Generation Effects (NGE) Tech Sprints started out as an Innovation Foundry (IF) event conducted by the Science and Technology (S&T) Futures team. After the IF event, this further evolved into the Rapid Capability Assessment (RCA) event, once again, conducted by the Futures Team in September/October 2021. Out of the RCA event, there were 14 different focus areas presented as being available for Tech Sprints to push forward the non-kinetic direction of the NGE team. Out of those 14 focus areas, 4 were down-selected to move into the tech sprint phase. The Tech Sprints were a 9-month effort focused on bringing rapid solutions to future issues and problems in a peer/near peer adversarial great power contest from a Special Operations Forces (SOF) perspective. The aim of this effort was to present the current state of high-risk, asymmetric, and disruptive concepts, capabilities, and technologies to determine where future investment must take place to reduce risk and guarantee a competitive advantage. 

Liberty Alliance is a versatile and reliable resource for meeting the most complex challenges faced by our discerning clients.


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